Are you sick and tired of the pink poodles in the office?

Do you lay in bed, unable to sleep, thinking about the people at your workplace who seem to get by (very well) either by doing absolutely nothing or (worse yet) by preventing everybody else from getting anything done?

There is a solution. (No, not drugs.) You just need to do a little creative visualization.

Imagine you are a housekeeper in an exquisite and wonderful twenty-one room home. The owner is an eccentric old woman who adores her twenty-one pink poodles, and each one has its own room. The dogs chew the furniture, shed, mess up the bed, beg for attention and treats, romp, bark and generally keep you from getting or keeping any of the rooms clean.

Now, basically the poodles are harmless, though somewhat spoiled. And despite your best efforts, you cannot train or restrain them or get their poodles’ happy owner to give them up or relocate them.

What to do? Should you work around them? Kill them? Quit?

You leave the house in despair and start peeking in the neighbors’ homes, and lo and behold-there are poodles there too!  In fact, you discover every room everywhere has a pink poodle! Some are big, some small, some are nasty, some are playful…

You think you are having a hallucination, and you ask your friends; they report poodles. You wander into the office of a therapist. He confirms it’s not you and explains that they cause havoc in everyone’s lives.

What to do?

You go home.

You look in the mirror. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a poodle there, and it is you!

All of us are a difficult person for someone else.

If you value getting things done more than you value people, the world will be full of obstructionists.

But If you value the well-being of people first with a little pat on the head…, you will find furry friends everywhere.

We are never going to get things perfect anyway…, so why let the poodles get us down?

More importantly, don’t all the religions in the world teach that our “negative” experiences occur so we can develop patience and compassion (they can’t all be wrong)?

In other words, the poodles have a divine purpose!

Having a hard day?

Think pink poodles!

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